Product development stages

  • 01. Concept
  • 02. Project & Development
  • 03. Prototype & Assembly
  • 04. Release / Mass production
The concept stage incorporates a detailed analysis of several factors that will determine the design and functionality of the product. Our engineering team meets with product development team to brainstorm and create the idea behind the product.. 

How do we do it?!

  • Market analysis
  • Elaboration of the descriptive report of the equipment, where all the requirements are described
  • Mechanical and electrical feasibility analysis of the project
  • Economic analysis of the viability of the project
  • Elaboration of an outline of the machine

Project Development is divided into three main departments:

Utilising our highly trained research and development team, extensive manufacturing experience and state of the art facilities, we can help develop and create your digital printer ideas through dedication, commitment and real innovation. Your project will start once parameters have been set and joint targets are agreed.




The Electronics Department is responsible for custom Hardware and Firmware development.

The Mechanics Department is responsible for custom mechanical solution development.

Software Department is responsible for custom software development

We have a state of the art industrial complex that allows us to develop prototypes in under 30 days

New Solution Engineering is a world-class printer manufacturing company and our metalworking plant is equipped with state of the art machinery.

Our heritage, skills and knowledge are centered around innovation, precision engineering and industrial manufacturing.

Our 9,000 sqm manufacturing plant based in Portugal is capable of producing a full range of steel and metal works for all our machines in-house, ensuring the highest levels of quality assurance for our customers.

As we make all our own metal and steel parts, we also have the ability to powder coat and paint all components that require them.
Our powder coating process consists of pretreatment, powder coating, drying oven and curing oven, conveyor system and electric control system, ensuring at all times we have complete control over the powder coating and painting for excellent results every time.

We understand that the finish must be perfect in order to best reflect your corporate image and we are able to colour match and co-ordinate corporate branding and colours.

Laser & Bending


CNC & Milling



Once your test product has passed our agreed rigorous product testing procedures, your product is ready for market testing and/or release. We will work with you to a budget, timescale and plan to ensure everything meets with the joint targets set out from the project development plan.

New Solution Releases


MTEX Releases



What Make Us Today

Cutting Edge Engineering
With over €8 million investment, New Solution Engineering is one of the most modern digital printer manufacturing plants anywhere in Europe, and the only one that manufactures everything from software, electronics and construction as well as media – all within the same group of companies.
Fast Prototyping
Our CNC, machining and welding facility enables precision engineering and consistency and our laser cutting & steel bending works is one of the most modern in northern Portugal.

All of our components that require it are finished with a coat of durable paint in our electrostatic painting facility. With a full, modern and industrial manufacturing plant, New Solution Engineering is a solid brand to work with. 

Customized Solutions
With facilities of over 9000 square meters, New Solution Engineering is a dedicated manufacturer of digital printers & medias for the textile, packaging and labelling printing markets. Unique in our field, we also develop and make OEM printers and machines for other manufacturers looking to utilise our expertise and manufacturing experience. We can create customised printers for your particular market and also develop new and innovative products under your own brand name.
Continuous improvement
With 200+ employees across the group, all of our administration and customer support is located on the same site, enabling fast, efficient response times and the highest level of customer service. We continually strive to improve our services and to streamline our processes to ensure you have the most efficient and effective service and manufacturing output from our company.
Permanent Testing
We are continually testing our printers, heads and inks to ensure that we keep up with market demands and to enable us to develop upgrade paths and new solutions that are better, faster, higher resolution, higher quality output and lower cost per print than before. Our open routes of communication with our customers and our in-house R&D team means we can react quickly to adjustments, upgrades and further testing in different environments when required.
Highest Quality Standards
Unique in our field, we hold worldwide patents for all our products and manufacture everything from within the one group of companies to ensure the highest standards and guaranteed quality of output.

Products and components are 100% CE certified and all our manufacturing processes are housed together, giving us total control over the design, production, manufacturing and testing processes. Quality control provides a basis for our continuous improvement, providing better control of our production, engineering and management processes.
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