MTEX Company profile

OUR History

MTEX SOLUTIONS SA (formerly named POD Ltd),is the result of many years of experience in marketing and manufacturing of equipment for the digital printing segment from their key members of management.

What we Do

MTEX SOLUTIONS SA, began its activity in the development and manufacture of equipment for the advertising sector, predominantly focusing only in textiles.
Later in 2014, the company developed various equipment for printing and pre- and post-finishing for the digital textile market, always using direct printing technologies.
The company will start in 2016, the development of new technologies for the footwear industry



The high structural flexibility of MTEX, will enable us to be positioned at the forefront of the digital textile industry with continual innovation of key solutions in hand (software integration, printing machines, finishing and preparation).

A pioneer in digital technologies, MTEX is the ONLY company able to offer the operation of a Digital Micro Textile Industry from A to Z.


To actively participate in the development of technologically advanced and differentiated solutions for the digital textile printing sector and the footwear sector.

Maximizing the technical know-how, as well as the permanent investment in R&D with companies / national and foreign entities, with the objective of positioning MTEX as the market leading company and a global reference.


Human resources


Your satisfaction is more than a goal, it’s a PROMISE.

We aim to exceed your expectations at every point of connection with our company.


MTEX’s core business strategy will always be based on the organic growth of its structures, integrating businesses in adjacent areas, namely the production of chemical solutions as well as the internal development of various mechanical and finishing processes.

Thus opting for a vertical integration.


MTEX SOLUTIONS S.A. develops, manufactures and installs direct digital printing equipment and auxiliary equipment for production of printed textiles.
We develop chemical solutions with MTEX brand intended for pre-preparation of fabrics and digital textile finishing.


For the full integration of the equipment, MTEX offers a range of services to prepare the framework in the space for the client, as well as the blueprint presentation of the various services required: power grids, gas, waters, compressed air.

In the next installation phase we will train the client operators, at our training centers in Portugal, England and the United States, as well as local training. This includes the steps for the operating, colour management and process management workflows.


MTEX provides a true turnkey solution for the digital textile printing sector, we have the UNIQUE added value to be able to integrate all the equipment in the production chain, as they are invented, designed and manufactured by MTEX.


MTEX SOLUTIONS SA is certified under the highest standards of TUV Reinhald process N°.9108623864. Our goal is to optimise new TUV processes and obtain special certifications for our target market.


MTEX's business model is based on a full empowerment guarantee all of its employees.

All strategic decisions are centralised in Portugal.


The vast textile sector (from home decor to fashion) has started its approach into digital printing technologies.

MTEX is clearly positioned in the entry level segment.