High-quality direct sublimation printing

This version of the high-quality direct sublimation printing solution will enable you to achieve brilliant and vivid colours in wide formar fabrics up to 3.2 mts width, for applications such as lightboxes, home textiles, decotex, flags, sun blinds, window fashion and automotive.
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Feeding and Take-up system with compressed air shafts

With the feeding and take-up shafts using compressed air, bigger and heavier rolls are supported, allowing more autonomy and productivity. Air filling of the shafts is made with 2 integrated compressed air pistols.

Electro-pneumatic feeding system

All kind of fabrics have different tensions, thafs why we developed the electro-pneumatic device system preventing deformations and stepping problems that normally occur on the digital textile printing equipment.

Integrated IR fixation

High-resistance IR (infrared), individually controled and temperature probes achieve uniform, brilliant and vivid colors in full 3.2 mts. width.

Synchronized roll feeding system

For perfect step on material advance. achieving outstanding material stability, without oscillations.

Continuous ink feeding bulk system

2-liter vacuum ink bags that can be used until the end without any waste. Uninterrupted ink feeding system for continuous printing.

Single control and operating platform

All machine operations, including new MTEX RIP, are controlled directly in the touch screen panel.



Nozzles Variable - 1440 nozzles
Heads Level Adjustable
Resolutions 540, 720, 1080, 1440 DPI
Print Speed 58 Sqm/h
Roll Size 3200 mm width - 400 mm diameter
Inks Dye-based: disperse
Ink Setting 4 colours
Power Supply 3 phase 400 VAC / 16 Amp phase
Dimensions 6200(W) x 1800 (L) x 2300 (H)
Weight 2900 Kg
UFI(User Friendly Interface) PC, monitor, mouse, UPS - included
Air suplly 4 Bar
Environment Accuracy temperature range 20 to 25º C, humidity between 45 and 65%, dust free environment, connection to external air pipe

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