The only integrated solution for stretchable fabrics with fixation inline.

Available to use with Pigment, Acid, Reactive and Disperse inks.
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Fixation Unit

Stable fixation for all fabrics, predominantly polyester with dye-sub ink.

Bulk Ink System

Sealed and clean ink delivery system, with 2-Litre ink bottles controlled by proprietary chip system allowing accurate ink level control.

Fabric Press-Roller

The Press-roller directs the fabric straight onto the belt protecting the print heads and ensuring a flat surface for printing.

Heavy take up

The heavy take up unit allows the use of large rolls up to 35 cm in diameter:

Adhesive belt

Continuous adhesive belt with side correction.


All machine operations, including new MTEX RIP, are controlled directly by the touch screen panel. (same as 500 brochure changes)


Specially designed fabric feeder to handle all types of knited and woven fabrics.

Washing belt system

A well-thought out continuous cleaning process during printing that washes and dries the Belt during operation, avoiding ink contamination, fabric dust and water marks.



Nozzles Variable - 1280 nozzles
Heads Level Adjustable
Resolutions 300, 600, 1200 DPI
Print Speed 148 Sqm/h
Roll Size 1850 width - 500 mm diameter
Inks Dye-based: reactive, acid, disperse, pigment (soon)
Ink Setting 4 colours
Ink control Pumping and degassing system
Power Supply 3 phase 400 VAC/20 Amp phase
Dimensions 5500mm(W)x 2300mm(L)x 1750mm(H)
Weight 4000 Kg
UFI(User Friendly Interface) PC, monitor,keyboard, mouse, UPS - included
Air suplly 6 Bar
Environment Accuracy temperature range 20 to 25º C, humidity between 45 and 65%, dust free environment, connection to external air pipe

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