New Solution Engineering appoints Color Label Solutions as new US reseller for its NS Multi printer

ColorLabel Solutions team at WestPack, California this week with the NS Multi printer.

New Solution Engineering appoints Color Label Solutions as new US reseller for its NS Multi printer

New Solution Engineering has announced a new partnership with Color Label Solutions, to sell its ground-breaking NS Multi printer into the US market. 

The NS Multi is a high-speed single-pass flatbed digital printer for wide format labeling, packaging and corrugated board, aimed at packaging and label printers as well as in-house print facilities and larger print service providers.  It has a maximum print width of 1066mm (42”) and resolution of 1600 x 1600 dpi and speeds of up to 6 inches or 12 inches per second depending on the resolution.

Stewart Bell, VP Sales America for New Solution Engineering said:

There’s an increasing demand for personalization, branding and short run printed packaging. Packaging and box suppliers are having to provide innovative new services to meet that demand, and the NS Multi can help printers and manufacturers maximise this potential within this growing market.

We chose Color Label Solutions as our new partner in the US due to their track record – they’ve supported hundreds of companies to move to print on-demand color and GHS labels, making their experience and expertise the perfect match for our NS Multi.”

Color Label Solutions, founded by Guy Mikel in 2013, focuses on color labeling and brand on-demand, providing the solutions and support that manufacturers need to move to on-demand printing.

Guy said:

“We have seen first-hand the importance of brand on-demand. Manufacturers need a solution that enables them to print every box or label uniquely; and in color.  Manufacturers do not want to keep box or label inventory for a large number of stock-keeping units and marketers want the ability to make every box different. So, brand on-demand fits perfectly with the operations and marketing for a large number of different types of manufacturers.

So far, we’ve focused on print on-demand color labels and we now see the NS Multi as enabling us to also sell print on-demand color boxes – the same drivers in the market are pushing both options.”

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