"We are making stars everyday. "

With 2016 here and with lots of new digital textile print solutions announced by MTEX last year, it`s time to look back at what 2015 meant to us all, and what is to come in this New Year.

MTEX reached the €10.986k in turn over and installing 87 new machines in 2015. With more than 200 units installed worldwide, we hope to reach 500 units in 2016 counting with the strong contribution of the MTEX BLUE and BLUE K, which only started being delivered in December 2015.

The intense activity of Digidelta in the iberian market, was decisive for the achievement of such results. We highlight the excellence of Demo center in Santo Tirso.

As well as MTEX UK who obtained exceptional growth, with a volume of direct sales which overcome the 2.54k€, they are an exceptional team, led superiorly by Stewart Bell.

A remarkable fact in 2015 was the growth of MTEX equipment number in Australia, which already has 7 units installed. This was only possible with the surpassing contribution of Diogo Liz.

In September 2015, we opened the facilities in NY (USA), with an important demo center. The excellence of the professionals who are involved in this business unit as Marco Sousa and Clem Sison, are the best guarantee for success.


It was in fact the time of the YEAR for MTEX. We present innovative solutions for the textile market, including versions of MTEX BLUE & PAD & VISION with pigmented inks.

No less important was the solution MTEX LAB consisting of MTEX S100 (a sample steamer); Mtex C&W 100 (coating & washing) and MTEX D100 (horizontal dryer)

Complete solutions for the textile industry

In 2015, we completed 4 textile units with our equipments. In fact MTEX is the ONLY brand that can provide all the equipment for a digital textile unit.

From the preparation of knitted & woven fabrics, knowledge and technical advice on all preparation and finishing solutions. Through different versions Print (MTEX 500 C&P and recently with the MTEX800), ending in the Steamer 20, and already in 2016 50 mts version, as well as versions with Wash 5 and 8 tanks. In one of the units, we supervise the installation of a water treatment unit and its partial reuse.

Real environment equipped with MTEX technology.

New equipments in Q1 2016

We'll present in AVANPRINT the new version of MTEX BLUE K designed for printing on knitted fabrics.

Also, in February, we'll conduct the first installation of the NEW MTEX STEAMER 50.

We plan to introduce several innovations during the year, result of the brand new R&D center.

Important aquisition by MIMAKI

Towards the end of December, MIMAKI announced the acquisition of the italian company, LA MECANICA.

MIMAKI has been producing, for a few years, equipments with LA MECANICA, including the TX 400 and recently the TX500. Both versions with belt.

We believe that LA MECANICA it's one of the leading experts in textile inspection, and specialist packing, which will help to increase the range of solutions to offer.

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