The ultimate mini-lab for digital textile coating, fixing, washing and drying.
Suitable for the efficient and reliable processing of samples for digital textile printers, fashion houses and universities.

A unique steamer for digitally printed textile samples.
The MTEX S-100 features controlled humidity and an inbuilt steam generator so the unit is concise, compact, with a small footprint and only requires a standard cold water connecfion.

A new professional concept for drying fabric samples.
The MTEX D-100 is a professional dryer to dry fabric samples efficiently and effectively, following both the pre-coating and post-print washing process. The D-100 features a rotating mesh bed and can dry even the thickest of fabric samples by altering the drying time and speed.
A great new way to coat fabrics ready for digital textile print sampling.
The CW-100 coater / washer coats standard fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk ready for digital textile printing. Once coated, the material is passed through two rollers to squeeze out excess liquid and gain the correct coating weight. The MTEX CW-100 features a double tank system, one for coating and one for washing post print and / or steam.


   MTEX LAB S100
Temperature Up to 102º
Power Supply 3 phase 400 VAC / 21,5 Amp/phase
Dimensions 2900 (W) x 1100 (L) x 2230(H)
   MTEX LAB D100
Temperature Up to 160º
Power Supply 3 phase 400 VAC / 12,5 Amp/phase
Dimensions 1620 (W) x 710 (L) x 1400(H)
Temperature Water up to 90º
Power Supply 3 phase 400 VAC / 17 Amp/phase
Dimensions 1520 (W) x 710 (L) x 1400(H)
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